Hybrid Drums

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A revolution in drumming is underway – find out what it is, how to do it and then get involved yourself with our guide.

How you play drums used to be a clear choice – your feet (and your hands, for that matter) were either in the established world of acoustic drums, or embracing the experimental world of electronic drums.

As our video series has shown, it’s no longer about acoustic drums versus electronic drums – because you don’t have to choose one over the other. By embracing the benefits of both worlds, a hybrid drum kit can offer exciting new possibilities, while solving some long-standing drumming problems.

Our helpful guide steers you on the journey to going hybrid – from explaining the hybrid concept, showing how hybrid can transform your drum sound on stage and in the studio, to choosing the right gear and even setting it up.

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You can also read all about hybrid – including a short history of hybrid drumming and how hybrid gear has become a staple of the modern drummer’s kit – on our blog.

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