Get three months’ Free Access to Sheet Music Direct

Choose a Roland GP, LX or HP piano – get three months’ free access to Sheet Music Direct.

Think of a tune. It could be anything. A classical minuet, or a jazz-hands showtune. A pop banger, or a stadium-filling rock anthem. Whatever you’re thinking of, chances are, you’ll find it on Sheet Music Direct. And when you choose one of Roland’s GP, LX, or HP premium digital pianos, this website is your playground – free of charge, for three whole months.

“Whether you’ve got a home computer, tablet or smartphone, it’s simple to browse and buy scores from anywhere in the world…”

The brainchild of Music Sales Group and Hal Leonard Corporation, Sheet Music Direct gives instant access to over 50,000 musical scores across every genre, taking in everything from modern big-hitters like Coldplay and Adele, through ’70s rock heavyweights like David Bowie and Queen, right back to the 17th century masterpieces of Mozart and Beethoven.


Whether you’ve got a home computer, tablet or smartphone, Sheet Music Direct makes it simple to browse and play scores from anywhere in the world. You can even transpose your chosen music into different keys, change the tempo, or adjust the size of the notes on screen.

Get three months’ Free Access to Sheet Music Direct

From February 1st to July 31st, anyone purchasing a Roland GP607, LX-17, LX-7, HP605, HP603 or HP504 will receive a free three-month PASS subscription to Sheet Music Direct. Not only does this give you unlimited access to a vast library of scores accessible through your web browser, but you’ll also get a 50% discount on the usual purchase price of £2.99, which lets you use the score offline, along with the option to print a physical copy of your music.

To activate your free PASS subscription, just find your piano’s seven-digit serial number – usually located on a white sticker on the underside of the keyboard. Then, along with the access code on the invitation card that was included with your purchase, simply enter both at and start browsing the library of scores.