Aira SH-101 Plug-Out Synth – Watch the World Premiere in full

World premiere: SH-101 Plug-Out Software Synth


Watch the world premiere of the SH-101 Plug-Out synth as David Ålhund (Roland Expert, V-Topia, NUDE, Tweeky) demonstrates the new software synth running on the new Aira System-1 synth, giving the attendees an exclusive first look at this new Roland hardware and software. He also delivered his signature performance with the Aira TR8, TB3 and VT3 and answered some questions from the audience.

An audience with Marshall Jefferson, Sister Bliss and Adamski

Marshall Jefferson, Adamski, Luke Solomon and guests discussed how Roland legacy equipment has helped shape the sound of electronic dance music. They looked at how their unique sound influenced many producers and classic records and also voiced their opinions on the new Roland AIRA gear, how they see this influencing the new generation of producers and answering questions from the live audience and those watching from home.