Berenice Scott on writing & touring with the JUNO-DS88 workstation

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As an acclaimed songwriter and session ace, Berenice Scott never stops. One day, she might be on tour with Tony Visconti or Heaven 17. The next, she could be back on home turf in London, composing original material and tracking it with her band. Luckily, she found a little time to talk to Roland…

When you’re wearing this many hats, it takes a pretty special keyboard to keep up, and as Berenice reveals in our exclusive video interview, the new Roland JUNO-DS88 ticks all her boxes. “It’s working really well for me in both scenarios, in the studio and at home,” she explains. “And there are lots of functions on this keyboard which really help me in a live situation.

First off, you’ll discover just how powerful the Roland JUNO-DS88 is as a creative tool, with Berenice demonstrating the simple process of recording her latest song Jetstreams to DAW software. Next, you’ll see how portable this keyboard is, as Berenice travels to rehearsals to jam the song with her band.

Keep watching, too, for a quickfire introduction to the JUNO-DS88’s Favourites function, which lets Berenice shift sounds fast on the stage. “This is especially useful when I’m performing with other artists,” she says. “It’ll be a great addition to my touring rig…”


Berenice Scott on writing & touring with the JUNO-DS88 workstation