350 year old band attempt world record


Think of some of the longest serving bands… Black Sabbath? They would be up there. The Stones… of course, Charlie Watts and co have been going many a year. Then there’s Rush, Aerosmith… all long time servers and still touring! None of them have anything on this band… they don’t even come close.

That band is… Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Band Service. Specifically, the Corps of Drums.

Ok, maybe bit of a trick of question – not exactly a bunch of aging denim-clad rockers.  But like many of our latter day rock gods, The Royal Marines have inspired generations of musicians to play and were once the poster-boys of British music in a pre-pop culture era – they’d perform everything from Beethoven and Britten to swing and big band.

Not only that, the Corps of Drums have played on battlefields all over the world, dodging cannon fire and gun shot while playing paradiddles in order to inject courage into the troops, ready to fight. Talk about a tough gig!

The fact remains, the Royal Marines have been going for 350 years now. And within that, the Corps of Drums has been there since the inception of the service – 28th October 1664 to be exact.

One loooong drum roll


On 30th April 2014, as part of the Royal Marines 350th anniversary celebrations, the Corps of Drums are attempting a world record for the world’s longest drum roll. And with it, looking to raise £166,400 (Get it? 1664 – the year they were founded) for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF).

The RMCTF supports the recovery and quality of life of our wounded service men and women and offers support for retired Royal Marines and their dependents – a very worthy cause, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The drum roll itself will last for over 64 hours, using 6 teams made only of drummers (known as ‘Buglers’ in the Royal Marines) from the Corps of Drums. The drum roll will be non-stop and will be adjudicated by a line-up of professional drummers and artists, including Roland artists Steve White and James Hester and even our drum Product Manager from Roland UK. Sore wrists are guaranteed!

As the Royal Marines Band Service regularly play the RMP-12 Rhythm Coach, they naturally had our support.

Where can I see it?


The World Record Attempt took place outside the Tower of London. It started at 6pm on Wednesday 30th April until 10am on Saturday 3rd May. We are pleased to announce that the world record was smashed and the drummers went for over 64 continuous hours, so a huge congratulations to everyone involved!

How can I show my support?


You can still donate to the cause and show your support for this world record by donating at http://www.justgiving.com/rmcod1664  or text STIX64 followed by £2, £5 or £10 70070 (e.g. ‘STIX64 £5’).

Royal Marines world record attemp - show your support

Royal Marines world record attempt – please show your support!