Roland TD-1K and TD-1KV Electronic Drum Sets

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Looking for an entry-level electronic drum set? Introducing the one…

Choosing a drum kit for learning and practise was once a straightforward choice – shells and skins were the only affordable option; buy new but buy cheap, or buy second hand drums.

Alternatively, electronic drums are perfect for practice and learning – but owning a quality electronic kit usually came at a cost. Recently, the price of electronic drums has come down, but to reach a price point, the quality and playability also suffered. For many people, owning a kit without needing to re-mortgage was a no-brainer – which was fine until the drum kit broke or became ‘last year’s toy’; unused and gathering dust in the attic.

So the time is right for an affordable electronic drum kit that doesn’t compromise on quality or playability – and actually has more in common with the best electronic and acoustic drums.

That’s where the Roland TD-1 series electronic drums comes in – an affordable electronic drum set for beginners and beyond with all the playability and quality of Roland’s legendary V-Drums.

Gear info on the TD-1 series

What is the TD-1 Series?

Choosing a low-price or entry-level drum kit was once a compromise between price, durability and playability – but the TD-1 series has changed that. The range comprises two models; TD-1K with rubber pads and TD-1KV with a mesh snare , and both kits offer great sound, feel and durability at an affordable price.

What’s different about the TD-1?

Simply put, we’ve included some of the most popular and important features for beginners and drummers into the TD-1 series, but with affordability in mind;

  • 15 Expressive drums kits. Play a rock kit one minute, a jazz kit the next. 15 drums kits await and can be changed at the spin of stick. Each kit uses Roland’s legendary sound quality and expressive tones, so you can really get into them when playing.
  • Songs to play along to. Drumming on its own is just drumming. Learning an instrument is also about music. The TD-1 module contains real audio songs to play along to and each song can be played with or without a metronome, to develop your sense of timing. Or if you prefer, just plug your MP3/laptop/audio player into the ‘mix in’ to jam along to your favourite tracks.
  • Metronome built in. Also called a ‘click’, this is a vital tool for all drummers to improve their timing and accuracy. The click can be adjusted for different tempos and time signatures.
  • Built-in Rhythm Coach. What’s the point of practice if you don’t know you’re improving? That’s the job of the coach function; 10 tools that not only make practice fun (and challenging) but even give scores for playing accuracy. Get better and track your progress – you can even record your drumming and listen back to highlight where you need to focus.
  • It’s quiet. Buying an electronic kit for quiet practice? Don’t be fooled into thinking all electronic drums are silent – some can almost be as loud to play as acoustic drums. The Roland TD-1K and TD-1KV kits are particularly quiet where it counts, thanks to the beaterless kick pedal design that removes the ‘thud, thud, thud’ through the floorboards and the noise-reducing design of the mesh-head PDX-8 snare and the quiet tom/cymbal pads.
  • Upgrade as you improve. If you practice and work hard you’ll improve at an alarming rate, so it’s easy to quickly outgrow a ‘traditional’ beginner kit, meaning you need to spend more money for a new kit. The TD-1K and TD-1KV are designed to grow with you; upgrade the kick pad to use your own acoustic single or double pedal, or upgrade to the KT-10 kick pad for all the feel without the noise. You can even add an extra crash cymbal with the optional OP-TD-1C matching cymbal and mount.
  • Connect to apps. Thanks to its built-in USB-MIDI connection, any TD-1 kit can connect to a PC or iPad/iPhone (requires an Apple camera connection kit). Connecting the TD-1 allows you to record drums with computer software or connect to Roland’s free V-Drums Friend Jam applications, which offer jam tracks, practice features, and the ability to compete with V-Drums users across the planet.

What’s the difference between a TD-1K and TD-1KV?

The difference is all in the mesh-pad; the TD-1K model uses a rubber snare pad, the TD-1KV uses a mesh snare pad.

Feel and response of the snare drum are important for accurate drumming technique. The mesh head is closer in feel and response to an acoustic drum head than rubber or silicone pads. That’s why we developed the mesh head with REMO, the world’s leading drum head manufacturer.

The mesh is also quieter than a rubber pad, can be tension-adjusted to suit the player’s preference (just like an acoustic drum head) and the PDX-8 mesh snare pad even produces two separate sounds; one from the drum head, another from the rim (also like an acoustic drum does).

But make no mistake – the TD-1K offers the same features and playability of the TD-1KV mesh snare model, but uses a rubber pad for the snare drum. The response and feel is a little different, but neither the sensitivity nor playability is lost for the lower price.

TD-1 V-Drums Series Comparison - Electronic Drum Sets | Roland UK

Is the TD-1 series right for me?

The TD-1K and TD-1KV models are designed with entry-level players in mind. But it also doubles as a practice kit for drummers who can already play and want a practice kit that won’t break the bank.


When you’re learning, you need a kit that meets certain criteria;

  • Offers an authentic playing experience and allows the use of genuine drumming techniques
  • Motivates you to play and makes drumming fun
  • Allows you to track your progress and continue to learn outside of drum lessons
  • Grows with your playing – meaning you don’t have to shell out on another kit within a few months

Thanks to the features and technology we’ve built into the TD-1, which have filtered down from our acclaimed pro-quality V-Drums, you’ll have an instrument that ticks every box but without the hefty price tag.

Established drummers

Ever played a low-price drum kit? It feels like you’re playing rocks, and sounds as loud too. You’ll know when you’re playing a Roland V-Drums kit – the difference is obvious.

We’ve used the advanced V-Drums technologies developed over the years, such as mesh pads, coach function, lightning-fast triggering response and ultra–sensitive pads and packaged them in our most affordable kit yet.

The TD-1K and TD-1KV models are affordable practice kits, and the experience gets better as you go up the range too – that’s why experienced drummers choose our TD-11, TD-15 and TD-30 series V-Drums .

TD-1 V-Drums Series Comparison - Electronic Drum Sets | Roland UK

Educators and drum teachers

Many drum teachers now use electronic drum kits in their studios for their compact size, convenience, portability… and to save their hearing!

Investing in teaching equipment is a must – so is the need to reduce the cost. The TD-1KV offers the playability, durability and reliability demanded by educators for everyday use as well as the features needed to train students (such as metronomes and songs), without the hefty price tag.

The TD-1K and TD-1KV models are available now. Try them out – you’ll know when you’ve played ‘the one’.

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