Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal – a closer look


Drums are all about noise. It’s part of the attraction in picking up the sticks and bashing the tubs. But here’s the problem; while noise may play a big part of what is great about the drums, noise is also nuisance for those around us or for the rest of the band.

KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal

But as a drummer, we also know that drumming is also about the feel and sound – the physical and audible sensations and textures produced by our playing and the gear we use that fuel the enjoyment. The other problem in reducing drum noise is that it usually comprises the feel and the sound, and that can make the experience ultimately unexciting.

So, what we can deduce here is that of any instrument we drummers choose to play, sound and feel come first, there’s no compromising there. Then, where we can, we need to find a way to make drumming quieter for the benefit of others. Keep those points in mind!

This is why we created the Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal. Simply put, it’s an all-in-one kick trigger that houses both the pedal and beater inside.

The KT-10 covers two bases;

  • It’s low-noise. When used with electronic drums as a kick trigger, the KT-10 significantly reduces noise without compromising playing/pedal feel
  • Add sounds to your kit. The KT-10 is an easy and compact solution to add extra sounds to your acoustic hybrid kit or V-Drums kit, without compromising playing/pedal feel

Note the reference to uncompromising playing/pedal feel is mentioned in both camps. It’s no coincidence –feel comes first for us drummers, after all.

For that reason, the KT-10 has the look, feel and action of an acoustic drum pedal;

  • The pedal construction uses a die-cast body and pedal plate, mounted to a solid baseplate – much the same as high-end acoustic kick drum pedals. Pick up a KT-10 for yourself and you’ll discover that it’s a solid as the best acoustic kick pedals on the market
  • The KT-10 uses a unique reverse-action beater. The direct-drive link connects the pedal plate to the beater via the cam. The beater makes contact with the in-build velocity sensitive trigger pad which plays your sound. The result is a pedal which delivers the same response and playability as an acoustic kick pedal – heel and toe is no problem here!
  • The weights within the in-built beater can be positioned or removed to adjust the pedal resistance, weight and feel to your preference. The spring can also be adjusted to affect resistance. It’s a trigger pedal with the customisation of an acoustic drum pedal.

Lower noise, quieter practice

Of course, a major advantage of Roland V-Drums over an acoustic kit is the ability to plug in headphones for discrete practice. But there’s still the specific issue of pedal/beater noise and vibration through the floorboards. If you need to reduce the ‘thump thump thump’ pedal vibrations that go throughout the house for the sanity of your nearest and dearest, the new Noise Eaters have that covered – read all about that in our post dedicated to the problem of noise for the drummer.

But there’s still the issue of beater noise – the actual sound of a kick pedal beater hitting a pad. This is where the KT-10 aces; it reduces pedal beater noise by appox. 75%. Add a NE-10 Noise Eater to the equation and those around you won’t even know you’re playing the kick. You will though – the feel of the pedal is as if you were playing a regular acoustic kick pedal.

So, if you want to make your sessions even quieter – while maxing out your performance – get your kicks from the new Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal.

Add extra sounds to your kit

If you’re planning on expanding your electronic drum kit with extra sounds, you’ll need additional pads or cymbals. The KT-10 can become a second kick in an instant. You can even chain two KT-10s together to one trigger input to give you double kick!

Similarly, you might need to expand your acoustic kit with some extra sounds. The KT-10 aces here too; the KT-10 can connect to an electronic sound source within your acoustic kit to produce extra kick drum sounds… or in fact, trigger any sound you choose.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re expanding your V-Drums kit or creating a hybrid kit, you still need a pedal that won’t take up valuable real-estate in your kit, or worse, get in the way of your main kick pedal or hi-hat.

Because the  KT-10 houses the pedal and beater in one unit, it’s easy to add to your kit and won’t compromise your set-up.