Roland Digital Piano Design Awards – Winners Announced

Even though Roland has a long history in developing digital pianos, it’s the future of this wonderful instrument that really gets us excited. That’s why, last year, we announced the Roland Digital Piano Design Awards, inviting the planet’s brightest design talents to create a groundbreaking instrument concept that leaps off the drawing-board.

With over than 120 international entries, it’s clear that the piano still ignites plenty of passion. Now, the results are in – and seeing is believing. Winning the Grand Prize is Jong Chan Kim’s Facet Grand Piano: an eye-popping showstopper that could be mistaken for the console from a spaceship. Close behind was Nicola Russo’s SONUS, taking the Excellence Award thanks to its sweeping visual representation of a soundwave.

Meanwhile, although just one Incentive Award was originally planned, the judges had no choice but to give out a total of five, faced with Matei Cristescu’s seductive Black Swan, Rebekah Winegarner’s flowing Amber Unleashed, Tomasz Milosz’s dynamic Space Classica, Naohisa Uchiyama’s projection-powered emptiX and Taro Saito’s impossibly elegant Swan.

The future of piano is here. You’ll never look at the instrument the same way again…