Roland AIRA electronic dance music products arrive in the UK

AIRA has landed

Some people said it would never happen. That Roland would never reissue some of the classic products from its back catalogue. And even if we did, that they wouldn’t sound a patch on the originals. And after Roland AIRA was announced last month, the debates began, speculation reached fever pitch, the rave reviews started coming in, but you’ve not been able to check AIRA out in person. Until now.

From Friday 21st March, AIRA is available to buy from selected music retailers, although initial stock is in short supply due to high demand. Read some of the press coverage and reviews and then head to your nearest store to check it out for yourself.

The Roland TR-8, Roland TB-3 and Roland VT-3 are available from the following music retailers:

Absolute Music, Andertons, Dawsons, The Guitar Amp and Keyboard (GAK), Gear4Music, GuitarGuitar, JB’s Music, JG Windows, Professional Music Technology (PMT), Red Dog Music, Rich Tone Music, Soundslive, West End DJ.

(The System 1 Plugout Synthesizer will be available in June)

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