OCTAPAD Version 2 Update

Roland OCTAPAD SPD-30 Version 2 Upgrade
Version 2 System upgrade for the OCTAPAD SPD-30 with new kits, kit chains, boosted audio output and more…

The much-loved OCTAPAD receives a significant system upgrade with the release of version 2 software, available as a free download.

The SPD-30 OCTAPAD blends the world’s most essential electronic percussion sounds with the latest triggering technology in a road-tough package perfect for the most demanding performers. The SPD-30 OCTAPAD doesn’t just belong in the electronic percussion domain though; when partnered with a Roland V-Drums kit, a keyboard rig or with an acoustic drum set (using Roland’s RT-10 acoustic drum triggers), the SPD-30 OCTAPAD opens up a new dimension in live performance, recording and practise.

The version 2 system upgrade adds a series of enhancements to the OCTAPAD:

New Kits

Forty-nine new kits have been introduced, taking the number of kits available from 50 to 99. Thanks to a host of high quality Roland sounds, triggered by the velocity sensitive pads, a world of percussion is now at the end of a drumstick. The OCTAPAD can even be used as a compact drum set, and also features a wide range of melodic sounds, dynamic orchestral percussion and traditional world percussion and melodic instruments from India, the Middle East, Africa, China, and Latin America . There are even three user kits, so you can create your own unique kit patch.

Controllable Phrase Loop Function

The version 2 software enables you to control the start of Phrase Loops using the velocity sensitive pads, button presses, or via an optional footswitch. It’s now easy to switch between kit playing mode and phrase mode and nineteen new phrases have also been added to the onboard library, providing usable patterns out of the box along with new performance and recording possibilities.

Kit Chain

The OCTAPAD’s kits can now be played in a chain (so you can move from one kit to the next as your performance progresses) making the SPD-30 even more useful on the live stage. Create a chain from drum kits, percussion, melodic patches or orchestral sounds. You can edit the kit chain at any time and can even choose to chain your own unique user kits (with three user kits available).

Output Gain

The output from the OCTAPAD has been boosted by +6dB via the Output Gain function, so when a stronger signal is needed (when you’re playing live on stage), the OCTAPAD has the power to pack a punch.

The official OCTAPAD version 2 system upgrade is available as a free download for existing OCTAPAD owners from 15th October 2012. If you’re about to buy an SPD-30 OCTAPAD, download the new software and benefit from the new features. It won’t be long before all new OCTAPAD’s will be supplied with version 2 system upgrade pre-installed.

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  1. Proud owner of octapad which I use in conjunction with TD20kx , having problems with software upgrade , cannot get any help from you guys to see what I’m doing wrong. Tech lone always busy , even my dealer can’t get help , help please .

  2. I think most of the people have trouble updating the octapad cause they dont follow the instructions properly… the most important point of all the steps is to insert an USB (it does not have to be a ROLAND I did it with a common USB) into the Octapad and Format it. The octapad will script a name and other stuff so when you connect it to the computer you will se that even the name of the USB has changed…then just download from the Roland web page into the computer… copy the two files shown there and connect it to the octapad in OFF mode.. then when while youre are powering ON the octapad you have to press the F3 bottom and that it!

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