Mystery Jets on being inspired by the BOSS RC-300

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Blaine Harrison of Mystery Jets rebuilds new track Telomere with the BOSS RC-300 Loop Station

These days, we all know that looping is a great tool for live performance. But it’s far more than that. Right now, some of the scene’s best songwriters are using loop pedals to spark their most adventurous material. As Blaine Harrison of Mystery Jets reveals in this video tutorial, it was his decision to pick up a BOSS RC-300 Loop Station that inspired Telomere: the standout opening track from this year’s acclaimed sixth album Curve Of The Earth. “I’d wanted to play around with one of these things for a long time…”

Now, Blaine invites Boss into the studio for an exclusive video tutorial, walking us through the blow-by-blow creation of Telomere, and explaining how the BOSS RC-300’s features helped bring it to life. From setting the tempo and layering the song’s two hypnotic guitar lines, to reversing the loop and adding the top-line vocals and keys, it’s a great example of how a good looper can give your songwriting a fresh perspective. “I feel like this is a really great writing tool for me,” says Blaine of the BOSS RC-300, “and lots of people that I’ve spoken to use them as well.”

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