Johnny Marr Talks About His Guitar Sound With Boss UK

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Johnny Marr invited us down to the last festival of the season, Festival Number 6 in the beautiful, Portmeirion. After battling with a storm on the way, we arrived to be told part of the festival was closed due to safety fears due to the weather. Not the best start to a video. As the clouds parted, and the heavens opened, we set up our camera gear in Johnny’s backstage dressing room, and set up his GT-100 and a few of his signature guitars.

When I normally do videos I am very focused on the job at hand. This is near impossible when the man sitting opposite you is telling you how he plays his tunes, how he gets his sound, and how to play How Soon Is Now. I defy anyone with a love of guitars, pedals and music to not go into a coma like trance. Once again, we are not worthy, but happy to say we are pleased with the result. You’re welcome….

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