Jack Garratt on becoming a one-man band with Roland SPD-SX

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Drums. Keys. Guitar. Bass. Vocals. Live, Jack Garratt does the lot, and as the Brit Award-winning artist reveals in this video interview, it’s all thanks to the unit he calls “the brain”: his Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad. “I got my hands on one and I went a bit crazy with it, tried to find a way to use it that made sense for what I was trying to do. And what I was trying to do was play lots of things at the same time, because I couldn’t afford to put a band together.”

Hitting UK#3 in February, Jack’s debut album Phase is a dazzling fusion of electronica, trip-hop and indie-pop, with the 24-year-old handling programming, production and all instrumentation. But the real revelation is how he singlehandedly recreates songs like Worry and Coalesce on the stage, using the SPD-SX in combination with Roland BT-1 trigger pads to activate one-off samples and extended musical passages. “That’s the beautiful thing about the SPD-SX,” Jack tells us. “It kinda opens up and lends itself for people to use it in a way that it wasn’t originally intended for…”

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