Exclusive interview with Electronic Dance Music duo, Disclosure

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When it comes to the rise of British electronic dance music duo Disclosure, the word you’re looking for is ‘meteoric’. Four years ago, two unknown music-tech students played their debut gig for fifty punters at a Shoreditch sweatbox (“They were shouting for an encore and we were like, we haven’t got any more songs!”).
Since then, 2013’s Grammy-nominated debut album Settle – home to such floor-shakers as White Noise and You & Me – has fast-tracked brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence into dance-pop’s top flight, with triumphs that include major sets at Coachella, cameos from Mary J Blige and a three-night run at the fabled Brixton Academy. “That was probably the biggest moment of last year,” notes Guy in our exclusive video interview, “in terms of feeling like it’s all gone really well. It’s mad to get to that level.”

Disclosure have the tunes, of course, but they also have the execution. Unlike the stereotype of the passive DJ stood motionless behind the laptop, the Lawrence Bros interact with real instruments and music gear throughout their live-wire sets – and Roland’s Gaia synthesizer, SPD-SX Sample Pad, Juno-106 and V-Drum kits are central to the vibe. “In the live show,” nods Guy, “it’s pretty caked with Roland stuff. They’ve been insanely reliable… even though I batter the hell out of them every night!”

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