Deep Purple’s Ian Paice on the “genius” of Roland V-Drums

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Deep Purple’s Ian Paice road-tests the Roland TD-30KV – and creates a kit that’s left him “absolutely blown away”

Ian Paice remembers the bad old days of digital drums. A time when the latency of lesser kits killed the groove. An age when dodgy triggering made audiences wince. But that was before the Deep Purple drum god pulled up a stool at the Roland TD-30KV. “I came across Roland’s V-Drums,” he explains in this exclusive video interview, “and I was absolutely blown away.”

As a founder member when Deep Purple set out in 1968, Ian has always been renowned for his world-class feel, which moves from a savage smash to a nuanced tickle. For him, a key advantage of the Roland TD-30KV is the ultra-sensitive triggering. “Every little contact is translated into sound,” he tells us. “These drums capture all those little drags, those little pushes, those little inflections. It now responds in a way that I never heard any other electronic drums respond before.”

Deep Purple’s nineteen-album catalogue might be eclectic, from the hard rock of Smoke On The Water to the epic balladry of Child In Time – but switching drum tones is no problem thanks to the Roland TD-30 sound module that Ian dubs a “genius little box”. Check out the video to see the drumming legend dial up the maple/birch kit of his dreams – and to find out why he thinks “you’ll be as blown away as I was…”