TAMA Cocktail-Jam Hybrid drum kit – powered by Roland


The concept of adding electronics to an acoustic drum set is nothing new – it’s been around for decades. But until now, it’s been complicated to do, expensive and out of the hands of the everyday drummer. That’s all changed – for the first time it’s possible to buy a complete Hybrid drum kit in one package. Compact, affordable, simple to use… your gigs are about to become easier.

TAMA’s Cocktail-Jam kit is a portable, compact hybrid drum kit that is perfect for the drummer that needs to travel light and where stage space is limited. Similar in concept to Roland’s portable, compact V-Drums kit it allows drummers to move from home to rehearsals and gigs effortlessly.

Compact size and less stage space are winners for the gigging drummer (not to mention the band!). But it can mean the acoustic sound is higher in pitch or brighter in tone than you might have with bigger diameter or deeper shells. In particular, if you’re playing a gig without mics on the kit, the sound might benefit from a boost.

That’s why one of the world’s leading acoustic drum brands, TAMA has created he first commercially available Hybrid drum kit – where the Cocktail-Jam kit benefits from the power of Roland electronics.

The Hybrid concept is simple – take an acoustic drum kit and add an electronic element. In the case of the TAMA Cocktail-Jam Hybrid drum kit, the electronics are provided by the Roland TM-2 Trigger Module and RT-10 Acoustic Drum Triggers.

The TM-2 has on-board sounds purpose-designed for adding to acoustic drum kits. You can add your own sounds or drum samples to the on-board library, it’s even battery powered meaning you can gig without a plug socket in sight. It’s simple too – if you shudder at the mere mention of the word ‘technology’, fear not – the TM-2 is plug and play.

Adding a TM-2 to the Cocktail-Jam kit enables the drummer to do three things;

Enhance your kit sound. If you’re playing live and you need extra low-end from the kick, more punch from your snare, or more attack from your toms, the TM-2 has it. By adding extra tonal elements to your kit, the acoustic drum sound is given a serious boost. Perfect when you can’t mic up the kit at the gig!

Layer acoustic sounds with electronic sounds. Your acoustic drum sound is still centre stage, and you still get the great look of acoustic drums, but a second electronic sound is layered on top. The sound that the TM-2 plays is up to you – it could be a tambourine sample that plays over your snare, or could be a big, reverb kick drum sample that triggers every time you play your compact 18” kick.

Expand the sounds available. Every now and then, we all need an extra sound or sample that our kit can’t play. It might just be a cowbell or clave, it might be a second snare drum or splash cymbal – then again it could just as easily be a sub drop, 808 kick or a vocal snippet!

Be warned – this hybrid kit from TAMA is strictly limited edition. Sure, it’s possible to add the Roland TM-2 to any TAMA kit, anytime. But if you want an all-in-one hybrid drum set, you’ll need to act fast.

The TAMA Cocktail-Jam Hybrid kit is available now and available from your nearest TAMA stockist.