Can You Set Up a Roland V-Drums Electronic Kit For Left Handed Playing?

As in the acoustic drum world, it’s easy for left-handed players to feel that they’re forever made to adapt to playing on a kit set up for right-handed players. We show you how a left-handed setup is possible with Roland V-Drums.

Roland TD-30KV Left Handed Set Up

If you’re a left handed player, it’s important that you can set up your kit, whether it’s acoustic or electronic, for your comfort and playing style. It’s certainly possible with every single Roland V-Drums kit to adapt the drum stand or rack for left handed playing. Here’s how it’s done:

MDS-4V (TD-11 kits and previous TD-4 kits)

The MDS-4V is perhaps one of the easiest V-Drums stands to set-up for left handed playing

  • Step 1: Remove the jack plugs from each of the pads and cymbals initially, and unsecure the wiring loom from the stand. You will plug the jacks back in and re-secure the loom with the supplied clips and Velcro tapes after step 5, once the module has been moved
  • Step 2: Move the pad clamp and hi-hat mount, located on the left hand side of the rack over the right hand curved pipe. You will need to undo the pipe clamps at the end of left and right pipes using a drum key, to slip the pad mount off and on. Also move the FD-8 foot controller to the left hand side of the kit
  • Step 3: Switch the crash and ride cymbals on the cymbal arms, so that the ride is on the left and the crash is now on the right
  • Step 4: Move the snare pipe and pipe clamp from the inner left leg, to the inner right leg. To do this, loosen the clamp and slip off the rubber feet at the bottom of each leg, replacing after use
  • Step 5: Switch the module from the left hand side to the right hand side pipe and the tom 3 pad from right to left. Do this by loosening the pad clamp that holds the module and tom pad 3 (floor tom) and switch them over

MDS-9V (TD-15 kits and previous TD-9 kits)

The MDS-9V stand, although bigger than the MDS-4V and looking slightly different, actually transforms to a left-handed stand in exactly the same way as the MDS-4V, as described above.

MDS-12V (TD-30K kit and previous TD-12KX)

The MDS-12V also transforms to a left-handed set-up in a similar way to the stands mentioned above. Because the wiring loom from the module to the pads and cymbals is external, is just a matter of switching over the clamps and pipes specific to a right or left handed set-up that need to be changed, as described in steps 1-5 above

MDS-25 (TD-30KV and previous TD-20KX)

Because the wiring loom is built in to the MDS-25 rack, for convenience and for a neat appearance for stage use, it appears difficult to change initially. But follow our steps as described below, and you’ll switch the MDS-2 rack from left to right in no time:

Start with the stand unfolded as shown.

  • Step 1: Loosen the hand knob on the T-fitting that holds the right side horizontal tube.
  • Step 2: Swing the right tube and vertical post out and around to the back and tighten the knob.

setting up for left handed drummers- MDS-25 Reverse Step 1-2

  • Step 3: Use a drum key to loosen lug bolts 1 and 2 on both T-fittings holding the right tube.
  • Step 4: Rotate the right horizontal tube outward approximately 1/3 of the way around until the vertical posts are parallel. Tighten the lug bolts.

setting up for left handed drummers - MDS-25 Reverse Step 3-4

  • Step 5: Use a drum key to remove the T-fitting on the outside left vertical post (under the module mount).
  • Step 6: Loosen the hand knob on the T-fitting on the front left vertical post that holds the left horizontal tube.
  • Step 7: DO NOT SWING THE TUBE OUTWARD! To prevent cable damage, swing the tube in and through the front horizontal tubes.

setting up for left handed drummers - MDS-25 Reverse Step 5-7

  • Step 8: Loosen lug bolts 1 and 2 on the T-Fitting on the front left vertical.
  • Step 9: Rotate the tube outward 1/3 of the way around.
  • Step 10: Attach the T-fitting to the vertical post and the horizontal tube. Carefully position the cables in the T-fitting (as shown). Also, make sure the T-Fitting is angled up (the numbers near the holes will be upside down).

Setting up for a left handed drummer - MDS-25 Reverse Step 9-10

Setting up a Roland kit for left handed drummer - MDS-25 Reverse Step 10 close-up

  • Step 11: Loosen lug bolts 1 & 2
  • Step 12: Rotate tubes
  • Step 13: Reinsert the tubes and tighten the lug bolts.
  • Step 14: Attach pad mounts, pads, and module. Have fun!

Setting up a Roland kit for left handed drummer - MDS-25 Reverse Step 11-14