Boz Boorer, Boss pedals and life on the road with Morrissey

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As musical director for Morrissey, co-founder of British rockabilly kingpins The Polecats, and constant collaborator with artists including Adam Ant, Edwyn Collins, and Kirsty MacColl, Boz Boorer is a man of many talents. We caught up with the influential guitarist for a series of exclusive videos, including a candid interview in which Boz reveals his songwriting approach, his advice for young guitarists, gear maintenance tips, and his three must-hear records – not forgetting what he really gets up to on the road…

Which Boss pedals are used in Boz’s setlist?

With so many musical irons in the fire, Boz is also a man of many pedals. “About 25 years ago,” he tells us, “I went on the hunt for all the rare, desirable BOSS pedals. And I built up quite an arsenal.” Sit back and watch as Boz talks through his pedalboard, explaining where he uses each BOSS pedal in the setlist, from the DM-2 delay that drives Certain People I Know to the RT-20 Rotary Sound Processor that brings drama to the climax of Meat Is Murder.

Learn to play the main riff from Morrissey’s Irish Blood, English Heart

And since it’s not every day that you get to hang out with one of the main men of the Americana-influenced guitar style, we also grabbed a quick lesson, with the man himself teaching you how to set the triplet delay, count the beat and mute the strings to nail the “galloping feel” of Morrissey’s UK#3 hit Irish Blood, English Heart. “It’s quite a simple riff,” he explains, “but it’s very reliant on the echo.”

Boz Boorer’s latest album, ‘Age of Boom’ is out now on Fabrique Records and features guest artists including Eddie Argos (Art Brut), James Maker, Tom Walkden (Wolventrix), Georgina Baillie, “Limey” Dave Dahlson, Sarah Vista, Tracy Vandal, Ben Mark and Alex Lusty.