BOSS Tone Central

Introducing the World’s Loudest Library

Once, you had to work for great guitar tone. You’d slash your speaker cones. Crank your stack until your ears bled. Stalk your heroes to find out their amp settings. Getting one perfect sound from your equipment was hard enough – unlocking an arsenal of different tones was out of the question.

Now, with BOSS Tone Central, tone fanatics have never had it so easy. Think of this website as a library, but not a boring one, with dusty old books and people telling you to keep it down. At BOSS Tone Central, you’re able to browse hundreds of sound patches, in every genre from funk to metal, then download them free to your BOSS gear.

Regularly updated with new patches, BOSS Tone Central is growing all the time – and so is the website’s army of visitors. If you’re not a member of the world’s loudest library yet, here’s all the info you need to get started.

What is BOSS Tone Central?

It’s a website that works like a library service, offering free downloadable content for BOSS products. If you’ve got a decent computer and compatible BOSS gear (see below), you’re ready to browse and download countless free sound patches that could take your songs and shows in bold new directions.

What sort of tones are available?

All kinds of musicians rely on BOSS products, so it follows that BOSS Tone Central offers downloadable tones to bolster your performance in any genre. New tones are being added all the time, but visiting the site on a typical day might see you fill your boots with a selection of classic rock sound patches for your BOSS multi-FX unit, or jazzy backing tracks for your Loop Station. Plus, another big draw of BOSS Tone Central are the artist sound patches: bespoke collections of tones created personally by A-list BOSS endorsers from Gus G, Vernon Reid and Steve Lukather to Architects and The 1975. No more stalking…

So how do I get started?

On either a Mac or a PC, your first step is to visit the ‘About’ page of the BOSS Tone Central website, then scroll down to the section on your BOSS product. Most of our multi-FX units and looper pedals are supported, from the flagship BOSS GT-100 (ver.2) to the BOSS RC-3 Loop Station. Your next move is to download and install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application that lets you transfer sound patches from the website onto your computer and BOSS gear. No compatibility niggles here: whether you’re using the Windows or Mac OS operating systems, you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Boss Tone Studio | Boss Tone Central Boss Tone Studio software for Windows or Mac OS

Is it really that simple?

Actually, it’s even simpler. Once you’ve installed BOSS TONE STUDIO, the application can automatically download the latest tones as they appear on the website, so you’re ready to use them at the show that night. With BOSS Tone Central, it’s never been easier to sound like your heroes – or to find your own voice. Get started now.