Spandau Ballet drummer John Keeble on hitting the stage with Roland’s hybrid drums

Their hits might have defined the New Romantic scene of the early-’80s, but watch Spandau Ballet live in 2015 and you’ll find a band moving with the times. In this exclusive video interview, filmed behind the scenes on the band’s current tour, original drummer John Keeble talks about how he’s using Roland’s gear as part of the live shows.

John has been Spandau Ballet’s heartbeat since 1981’s Journeys To Glory album, and in modern times, he’s using a hybrid acoustic/digital kit to give his adventurous drum parts added flair and flexibility. Here, John explains how his old-school shells are augmented by Roland’s RT-30 Acoustic Drum Triggers, with his snare and kick hits triggering “beefed-up” sounds from a Roland TM-2 Trigger Module. “It just gives you fantastic versatility,” he says, “with the good-old-fashioned drums.”

Artist’s Gear