Roland Keyboard Rigs: Ayo Oyerinde on inspiring Jessie J

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Session man Ayo Oyerinde on inspiring Jessie J with his Roland JD-XA & RD-800

Session musicians are musical chameleons, shedding their skin each time they join a new lineup. That’s no problem for Ayo ‘Ayce’ Oyerinde. During his 16 years as a pro keys man, he’s lent his skills to stars including Jessie J, Tinie Tempah and Rebecca Ferguson, recreating the sounds of their hit albums with a little help from his Roland-powered rig. And as Ayo reveals in our two exclusive video interviews, there’s nothing quite like the new Roland JD-XA synth and RD-800 stage piano to keep him feeling creative and his A-list clients feeling inspired.

Ayo on the JD-XA Synth 

If you’re looking to break into session work, watch and learn as Ayo drills into the JD-XA, demonstrating how features like the analogue/digital engines, powerful filters and intuitive operation make this crossover synth a great choice to nail sounds and call them up fast. “At any given point in the show, Jessie might turn round and be like, ‘Ayce, I feel like singing reggae’. I haven’t got time to be fiddling with buttons and all that. It’s all right here.”


Ayo on the RD-800 Stage Piano

As a long-standing RD Series fan, Ayo never leaves home without the Roland RD-800 stage piano. In our second video, he walks us through the onboard tech, from the Ivory Feel keys and easy USB storage, to the lightning-fast recall of Live Sets and inspiring tones. “I really want to always make a big sound, filling the arena,” he explains. “An artist like Jessie J or Rebecca, who have big voices, they really get inspired when they hear a sound like that coming out of the keyboards. It helps Jessie go to places she wouldn’t normally go…”


Roland Keyboard Rigs: Ayo Oyerinde on inspiring Jessie J

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