An Introduction To The Loop Pedal For Guitar

Watch a singer-songwriter like Ed Sheeran play live and you might be baffled at how he creates epic symphonies of sound with just ten fingers and one guitar. This video lifts the lid on the solo performer’s best friend: the loop pedal. The concept is simple enough: one player records and layers multiple musical phrases until it sounds like a band. The execution is dead-easy, too, as we use a BOSS RC-3 Loop Station to lay down a rhythm bed, then a bass part, and finally a guitar solo. Of course, loop pedals are dynamite for live performance, but that’s not all. Here, we’ll prove their benefits as a practice tool, with an example of how you can lay down a chord sequence and play scales over the top. You’ll also learn about the USB connectivity that means the best looping units can import and export audio files.

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Boss RC-3 Loop Station

RC-3 Loop Station

Compact and powerful looper with USB capability, massive internal memory, and rhythm guide.