All Killer, No Filler: the new Roland TD-25K V-Drums

Drum roll, please – for the latest addition to the Roland V-Drums range. Maybe you spotted the new Roland TD-25K when it debuted at Musik Messe  2015. Now, you’re dying to know why this kit is causing such a buzz (without diving into the manual). Read on for the lowdown…

The first big draw is the TD-25 module. It’s derived from our flagship TD-30 sound engine, so it’s capable of more expressive, higher-quality sounds than kits further down the line. We’ve used that superior processing power to deliver 18 essential kit simulations driven by SuperNATURAL behaviour modelling (instead of hundreds of one-dimensional sounds you’ll never use).

Kit selection and tone customisation is simpler, too. Player feedback tells us that some V-Drums customers are reluctant to edit the factory settings, in case they ruin a good preset patch. With the TD-25’s simplified interface, it takes seconds to choose and tailor your kit, whether you’re dropping your cymbal size from 18” to 16” or swapping in a maple snare. Plus, if go too far, the Undo button takes you back to default.

We know you like to jam, so the TD-25K gives drummers two ways to play with music, whether that’s WAV/MP3 tracks via USB, or by plugging in a device like a smartphone. And when it comes to getting your beats out there, you won’t find a faster solution than instantly recording drum parts, exporting them via USB and sharing them online.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how the Roland TD-25K will make you a better drummer…

#1. Bring personality to your beats with responsive pads and cymbals 

If you’re an expressive drummer – but worry that a digital kit will kill your swing – then check out the Roland TD-25K and TD-25KV to see how the ultra-responsive triggers let your playing personality shine. Whether you tickle or thrash it, the PDX-100 mesh snare pad senses the placement and strength of your hits, then responds just as you’d expect from acoustic drums. As for the cymbals, throw a choke or bell-hit at the CY-12C crash and CY-13R ride, or test the open-to-closed motion of the VH-11 V-Hi Hat, and you’ll be onboard. When a kit swings like this, you can’t help but play with more flair and feel.

#2. An electronic drum kit that supports adventurous technique

The old four-to-the-floor is well and good, but when you’re pushing your technique, you want an electronic kit that can keep up. Throw whatever moves you like at the Roland TD-25K and TD-25KV, safe in the knowledge that the TD-25 module will catch every nuance and convey it faithfully. From rim shots, rolls, flams and ghost notes to cymbal swells and crashes, all the dynamics of adventurous play are brought to life by the SuperNATURAL technology and Behaviour Modelling carried over from our flagship TD-30. And when you know you’ve got a kit that can deal with the flashy stuff, you’ll have the confidence to push outside your comfort zone.

#3. Join any band, play any song, with 18 preset kit sounds

The best bands don’t stick to one genre, and it’s frustrating to be sat behind a kit that can’t change with the music. With the Roland TD-25K and TD-25KV, it’s easy to shed your skin, with the module’s selection of onboard drum sounds and kit simulations delivering tailor-made tones for smooth jazz, savage metal and more. It’s a great feature for chasing down eclectic sounds in the studio, but idiot-proof operation means you can switch tones in the heat of the gig, too. Between songs, a no-nonsense centre dial selects the basic genre (rock, jazz, electronic etc) before a second turn lets you toggle between different kits in that bracket. It’s so simple, you won’t even have to put down your sticks.     


#4. Personalise your kit to suit your touch and sound

You’re a musician, not a robot, so it figures that you don’t want your kit to tell you how to sound. While the TD-25K and TD-25KV’s presets are a great starting point, these new kits put the player in control, with highly adjustable frame and pad positions through to editing options that let you adjust pad parameters like tuning and muffling to suit individual touch and sound. When you’re tight for time, shortcuts mean you can adjust all the toms at once, and with changes saved automatically, you won’t have to fiddle at the start of band practice (on the flipside, the undo function means it’s easy to revert to original settings if you’re not convinced by your creation). It’s the smart way to make like the great drummers and find your signature sound.

#5. Build chops fast with Coach function

Traditional drum tuition is invaluable, but it’s easy to feel your enthusiasm drip away when you’re kicking your heels between lessons. That’s where the TD-25K and TD-25KV come into their own, offering onboard tuition features that represent the fastest and most wallet-friendly way to get better without getting bored. If you’re aiming to get your beats bang in the pocket, use spare moments between practice sessions to work through the interactive exercises in the Coach function, which grow tougher as you get better, and keep you incentivised with a score at the end. Between that and the quick-access metronome, you’ve got a teacher on tap, twenty-four hours a day.

#6. USB – your gateway to jams and pro-quality demos

The USB feature isn’t just tech for tech’s sake: it’s your gateway to fresh musical ideas, tutorials and dead-simple recording. When the band are out of town, connect a USB stick or smartphone and jam along with your favourite WAV/MP3s (you can even loop and adjust the playback speed of tricky sections until you’ve nailed them). Recording demos just got a whole lot simpler, too. Let’s say you get an email from your guitarist across town, asking for a beat to go under his new riff. Once, you’d have needed mics and software to put down a decent drum track. With the TD-25 kits, you just download his riff to a USB stick, upload it to the TD-25 and play along until you’ve perfected it. Then record your drum track (with or without click), export via USB and send him the finished music over the web.